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icyy kyy

Magic well item upgrades and chances

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Here is a list of items that you are able to throw in the magic well, also the chances of receiving an upgrade on the item you throw in. Simply use item, click on well as it disappears giving you a chance for the upgrade. Do note that chances do NOT accumulate or gain, so there are no second chances once your item disappears so best of luck to those who will risk it for the biscuitūüėĚ







Virtus Mask -> Ancestral Hat (1/15)

Virtus Robe Top -> Ancestral Robe Top (1/15)

Virtus Robe bottom -> Ancestral Robe Bottom (1/15)


Ancestral Hat -> Celestial Hood (1/5)

Ancestral Robe Top -> Celestial Robe Top (1/5)

Ancestral Robe Bottom -> Celestial Robe Bottom (1/5)


Bandos Chestplate -> Torva Platebody (1/20)

Bandos Tassets -> Torva Platelegs (1/20)


Torva Helm -> Justiciar Faceguard (1/15)

Torva Platebody -> Justiciar Chestguard (1/15)

Torva Platelegs -> Justiciar Legguards (1/15)


Justiciar Faceguard -> Sacred Clay Helm (1/5)

Justiciar Chestguard -> Sacred Clay Platebody (1/5)

Justiciar Legguards -> Sacred Clay Platelegs (1/5)


Pernix Cowl -> Sagittarian Coif (1/15)

Pernix Body -> Sagittarian Body (1/15)

Pernix Chaps -> Sagittarian Chaps (1/15)


Steadfast Boots -> Primordial Boots (1/20)

Ragefire Boots -> Eternal Boots (1/20)

Glaiven Boots -> Pegasian Boots (1/20)

Guardian Boots -> Angelic Boots (1/5)



Armadyl Godsword -> Demonic Armadyl Godsword (1/20)

Toxic Blowpipe -> Magma Blowpipe (1/30)

Abyssal Whip -> Abyssal Vine Whip (1/40)

Abyssal Vine Whip -> Vorkath Vine Whip (1/10)

Dragon Warhammer -> 100M Note (1/5)

Twisted Bow -> Dark Twisted Bow (1/10)

Dark Twisted Bow -> Fire Twisted Bow (1/5)

Fire Twisted Bow  -> Light Twisted Bow (1/5)

Scythe of Vitur -> Scythe of Vitur X (1/5)

Scythe of Vitur X -> Scythe of Vitur XI (1/5)

Sanguinesti Staff -> Sanguisnesti Staff X (1/5)



Blood Necklace -> Split Dragontooth Necklace (1/20)

Split Dragontooth Necklace -> Anguish (or) (1/5)

Ring of the Gods -> Ring of Bosses (1/30)

Dragonfire Shield -> Dragon Kiteshield (1/10)

Dragon Kiteshield -> Dragonfire Ward (1/30)

Divine Spirit Shield -> Demonic Spirit Shield (1/??)



Diamond Mystery Box -> Sapphire Mystery Box (1/10)


*If anything is missing or if anything in-game is added just let me know in a comment below*

Thanks stay Icyy






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