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  1. Hi guys, i will list a few new things down here! DOWNLOAD NEWEST CLIENT! NPCS": Created NPC "Possesed pickaxe" Created NPC "Mummy" Created NPC "Ancient skeleton" Created NPC "Lost H.A.M member" Created NPC "Boss Juzzel & Lord Vennelle" Items": Added item: Jar of Sand "Contains the secrets of the samurai" Added item: Shadow diamond "Used to upgrade Sacred clay to Dark sacred clay" Added item: Ancient egyptian dagger "Slightly upgraded dragon dagger, great for pures" Added item: Gold feather "Used to upgrade the Katana to Ornate Katana" Added item: Pet Ancient skeleton "A pet dropped by Ancient Skeleton" Diamond zone": Added zone: Diamond zone Contains: Lost H.A.M member / Derwen / Hydra / Mummy MULTI": Added multi-zone to "Max zone" / Removed multi-cannon from "Max zone" Added multi-zone to "Diamond zone" Added multi-zone to "Ruby zone" Added multi-zone to "Stone guardians" MISC": Added Right-click npc ''examine'' for drop tables "You can now use Examine to view the droptable" Made changes to trivia point store "Removed useless added useful" Fixed black slayer helmet "Didn't work, now it does" Fixed overload animation "Overload animation was over the top, back to original" Fixed ironman wilderness death mechanic "Items instantly despawned on death, this is now 3 minutes" Added box drops to olm "Elite boxes" Added noted bars to mining store @ mining guild "QOL" Added more Lava dragons "Were only 3, now there are more :)" Added wilderness keys to wildy bosses "To make wilderness more active" Added Shadow crystal to abyssal sire "Only way to obtain is by danger" Tons of small fixes / tweaks / drop table changes.
  2. Hi guys, i've been real busy with reworking some stuff in the server. You'll have to download the new client in order for it to work. Come play my guys! The server won't be updated for a little while. DOWNLOAD
  3. Hi there, we have recently had a few home requests. Please use the vote poll so we know what decision to make. The options include: Edge (current)
  4. Thank you Icyy! ❤️
  5. Hi there guys, we are sorry for the recent updates. Here are a few things we've done in the downtime. New objects Added Rocktail barrel to Max zone Added Bonfire to Max zone Added restore altar to Raids1 New items Demonic Spirit Shield (e) Mystical Spirit Shield Light sagittarian set upgrade / Buy White Distabiliser from Boss store for 1000 points to upgrade. 4ca23ad371ef888fe162dba8f154f000.mp4 Misc. Upgraded bank slots from 325 > 525 NPC Porazdir is now agressive Hydra chat drop display fixed Hydra door timer fixed Vorkath cape upgrade fixed Magic bonusses added tome of fire 5% tome of frost 4% elite void full set 2% X 2 pieces Celestial full set 5% X 5 pieces imbued god capes 3% imbued max god capes 7% demonic spirit shield (e) 8% Mystical spirit shield (e) 15% angelic cape 5% angelic demon cape 8% anguish 3% anguish (or) 5% Few gamebreaking bugs Items lost on death fixed FFA event / xp bug fixed Shops fixed Added party kicking command - ::pkick [name] for Raids1 & Raids2 Fixes made to Casket Party will no longer automatically kick players after boss. etc.
  6. Juzzel


    REMOVED e7e431f6f86a1dd5feceb68ea9b830ba.mp4 4ca23ad371ef888fe162dba8f154f000.mp4
  7. We Have switched the current server to a FASTER server! Please download the new client on the landing page - http://www.relicrsps.com/ - fast DOWNLOAD link (http://www.relicrsps.com/RelicPS.jar). The reason for moving servers is for anticipation of player growth. Sorry for the slight inconvenience, Thank you guys for playing! ~ Relic team
  8. Hi there, if you make a new account you'll recieve a ''Bronze Mystery Box'' as an additional item. Enjoy our server!! PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS MECHANIC, IT WILL RESULT IN A IP BAN!
  9. Hi there, My name is Juzzel and i am a proud co-owner of Relic. I'd like to thank these loyal dudes for sticking with us and helping us out with voting & donating, yall are awesome! We will try to grow as fast as we can, but we will also stay humble 🙌 Thank you guys for playing the server! ~Relic team
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