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  1. Here is a list of items that you are able to throw in the magic well, also the chances of receiving an upgrade on the item you throw in. Simply use item, click on well as it disappears giving you a chance for the upgrade. Do note that chances do NOT accumulate or gain, so there are no second chances once your item disappears so best of luck to those who will risk it for the biscuit😝 Armors Virtus Mask -> Ancestral Hat (1/15) Virtus Robe Top -> Ancestral Robe Top (1/15) Virtus Robe bottom -> Ancestral Robe Bottom (1/15) A
  2. Elite Clue Scroll loot Elite Clues can be 1-4 steps all located in the wilderness. All of the loots seem to be equally common, with skilling resources being pretty much consistent Skilling Resources Barrows and PvP Armor sets Misc Cosmetics Boxes Wizard, Archery, Warrior boxes, gold bags, stone keys all seem to have the same drop rate. Dragon hatchet, cut onyx, and charm box is also very common. Unfortunately this is the "best" loot from Elite Clue scrolls you can get as of now.
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