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  1. Normal Clue Scrolls *Use CTRL+F to search up the clue your on! Dig somewhere in the edgeville bank Dig near one of the slayer masters (edgeville dungeon tele/slayer tele if vannaka is your master) Dig where players plant flowers (::gamble) Dig somewhere near some chickens (Training tele - Chicken pen) Dig near the pest control teleport (::pc) Dig near the king of dragons (Boss tele - king black dragon) *7 steps west from the torc
  2. Armor T70 Bandos Tassets - 250m Bandos Chestplate - 250m Bandos Boots - 50m DragonFire Shield - 100m - 250m Armadyl Helm - 250m Armadyl Chainskirt - 250m Armadyl Chestplate - 250m Sperpentine Helm - 500m Magma Helm - 1-2b Dharok Set - 100m Ahrim set - 100m Torag set - 100m Guthin set - 100m Verac set - 100m Karil set - 100m Boots/Gloves Glavin Boots - 500m Rangefire Boots - 400m Steadfest Boots - 500m Eternal boots - 700m Pegasian Boots - 2b Primordial Boots - 1.5b Guardian Boots - 10b Devout Boots - 15-20b Anglic
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