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Some Recent updates!!

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Hi there guys, we are sorry for the recent updates. Here are a few things we've done in the downtime.

New objects
Added Rocktail barrel to Max zone

Added Bonfire to Max zone




Added restore altar to Raids1


Aantekening 2020-04-14 170928.png

New items

Demonic Spirit Shield (e)


Mystical Spirit Shield

Light sagittarian set upgrade / Buy White Distabiliser from Boss store for 1000 points to upgrade.


Upgraded bank slots from 325 > 525


NPC Porazdir is now agressive


Hydra chat drop display fixed
Hydra door timer fixed
Vorkath cape upgrade fixed

Magic bonusses added
tome of fire 5%
tome of frost 4%
elite void full set 2% X 2 pieces
Celestial full set 5% X 5 pieces
imbued god capes 3%
imbued max god capes 7%
demonic spirit shield (e) 8%
Mystical spirit shield (e) 15%
angelic cape 5%
angelic demon cape 8%
anguish 3%
anguish (or) 5%


Few gamebreaking bugs

Items lost on death fixed

FFA event / xp bug fixed

Shops fixed

Added party kicking command - ::pkick [name] for Raids1 & Raids2

Fixes made to Casket

Party will no longer automatically kick players after boss.


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15 minutes ago, icyy kyy said:

Lots of work behind the scenes, thanks guys🙌

Thank you Icyy! ❤️ 


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