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Skilling Pets: Gives Bonus EXP in the Skill

Runecrafting- Rift Guardian - Cannot be obtained from the Energy Orbs, You can only get it from making Runes.

Fishing- Heron

Woodcutting- Beaver

Thieving- Rocky (Raccoon) - Can be obtained on any stall.

Farming- Tangleroot - Can be obtained on any patch.

Mining- Rock Golem -Can be obtained from crashed star and regular rocks.

Agility- Giant Squirrel -Can be obtained on any of the courses.

PVM Pets:

Pet Rock Crab

Baby Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon

Green Dragon

Frost Dragon

Black Dragon

King Black Dragon

Commander Zilyana (Saradomin GWD)

K'ril Tsutsaroth (Zamorak GWD)

Kree'Ara (Armadyl GWD)

General Graardor (Bandos GWD)


Jungle Styrkewyrm

Desert Strykewyrm

Ice Strykewyrm



Lizardman Shaman

Kalphite Queen Princess

Verzik Vitur (Theatre of Blood) - Lil Vik

Chaos Elemental (Wildy)

Venenatis (Wildy)

Scorpia (Wildy)

Abyssal Sire

Hellpuppy (Cerberus)



Slash Bash


Giant Mole - Baby Mole


Bandos Avatar

Dagannoth Supreme

Dagannoth Prime

Dagannoth Rex

Tormented Demon

Corporeal Beast

Alchemical Hydra - Ikkle Hydra

Tztok-Jad (Obtained through Tokkul Shop)

Tektiny (Obtained through Tekton boss)

Superior Pets

Superior Pets can be obtained through some mystery boxes as well as PvM

The only Pets that can be made Superior are:

Tzrek-Zuk (Inferno)



You can buy a Superior Scroll from the Note Trade @::home to make these 3 pets into Superior Pets. Superior pets give unlimited Soul Split when used.

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