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  1. Ctrl+F to find what answer you are looking for faster. Any answers that need to be changed or added.. just post below and I will fix! Thanks!
  2. What points do you get for killing bosses? "boss points" How many free slots does each bank tab have? "352" What skill advances your combat level past 126? "summoning" What food heals the most in Relic? "rocktail" What should I do every day to help the server? "vote" What skill do I use when crafting runes? "runecrafting" How many elite achievement tasks are there? "12" What boss drops toxic staff of the dead? "skotizo" How many dungeoneering tokens is an arcane stream necklace? "75000" How many dungeonee
  3. TO FIND WHAT SERVER EVENTS ARE ACTIVE AND TIMERS FOR ALL - [TYPE] ::EVENTS TO FIND WHERE WILDERNESS BOSSES ARE CURRENTLY - LOOK AT QUEST PANEL For all information on drops - [Type] ::getdrop [monster name] OR locate NPC Drop Table at bottom of Quest Panel GALVEK Boss is located in the Wilderness Galvek is a boss that spawns every 30 minutes and drops a loot for the top 10 damage dealers. He has 4 phases, each having 1750 hp. First Phase: attacks with strong melee (goes through prayer) Second & Third Phase: attacks with strong range (goes throug
  4. Skilling Pets: Gives Bonus EXP in the Skill Runecrafting- Rift Guardian - Cannot be obtained from the Energy Orbs, You can only get it from making Runes. Fishing- Heron Woodcutting- Beaver Thieving- Rocky (Raccoon) - Can be obtained on any stall. Farming- Tangleroot - Can be obtained on any patch. Mining- Rock Golem -Can be obtained from crashed star and regular rocks. Agility- Giant Squirrel -Can be obtained on any of the courses. PVM Pets: Pet Rock Crab Baby Blue Dragon Blue Dragon Green Dragon Frost Dragon Black Dragon
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